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Note: This article is about the facebook game. You may be looking for the Rabbids Invasion, the TV show or the comic book of the same name

Rabbids Invasion is an online social city building game. It can only be playable for those who have created an account on facebook.

. This game is not a sequel to any of the other rabbids games. It consists of a large city which you have to invade with the help of the rabbids. You can quickly invade the buildings by clicking on them once or twice until a rabbid yells: BWAAAAAHHH. The game spoofs other famous facebook games. The rabbids' 2d cartoon style in this game srongly resemble the cartoon rabbids first seen on Rayman Raving Rabbids Tv Party
Rabbids invasion poster

Poster 1

Rabbids invasion

Poater 2


The game  officially closed on february 13,2013 and can no longer be played.

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